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Our Team

Marko Höynälä CEO

Marko Höynälä


Marko Höynälä

Founder and CEO

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Marko has worked over 20 years in telecommunication industry in various executive level positions at world leading high-tech companies and demonstrated on continuous basis abilities to deliver and work effectively within large, complex and diverse multisite organizations. Marko is known as a person who drives initiatives and projects into a completion – Always. 

Below are his past positions:

CEO of Wiciot
CEO of Kipuwex
2013 – 2015 Director of Operations (Broadcom Communications) 
2010 – 2013 Director of Operations (Renesas Mobile Europe)

Original thinker and doer, Titta is a very creative person. She is known for her multitasking skills, being globally networked, and a relationship builder in governmental and private sector. Titta is passionate about making positive change for the better future and building outstanding brands.

Speaker in FOWPAL and United Nations events, voice of women and girls who are victims of violence. Internationally awarded “Book for Peace” for culture and life award as a Founder of Happy Ambassador concept for kids. Global Ambassador for Children’s Rights. Gained experience of Social Media work by being Brand Ambassador for Daymond John, Shark Tank USA.

Titta Kuisma CMO

Titta Kuisma


General Manager

Matti Cedervall

General Manager
Chief Marketing Officer

Janne Regelin

Chief Marketing Officer

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