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Overview of our Ski Analyzer

SKIIOT is an ankle worn ski analyzer with seven sensor device combined with mobile/web application for cross-country skiing. Same device serves all target groups from recreational and professional skiers to service teams and ski facility providers.

SKIIOT has Android & iOS compatible mobile apps for operating the device via Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. As well as accessible customized solutions for ski facilities, ski service trucks, events and media.

SKIIOT utilizes patented technology and measures everything you need to know about your ski performance, technique and surrounding conditions.

SKIIOT analyzer and device
SKIIOT skiing analyzer on skiers

SKIIOT has been selected as an official supplier by Norwegian Olympiatoppen, the highest authority in Norwegian elite sports.

Our service team has used XC400 product for more than a year and we have been very pleased about its accurate and reliable surrounding condition measurements e.g. snow temperature histogram is very valuable feature for us.

– Knut Nystad, Service Team of Olympiatoppen

Skiiot co-operates with Team Ragde Eiendom, one of the leading teams in long-distance cross-country skiing.

skiers wearing skiing analyzers

Our Partners

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