Ski teams

SKIIOT provides comprehensive equipment and analysis software leasing for professional ski and ski service teams. Our piloting line of service is the SLIDE PERFORMANCE -test of pro-level competition skis. Your team can forget about the traditional methods such as the skiing downhill in pairs. SKIIOT will provide you with consistent numerical (from 0-10) value slide performance throughout the whole of the track. This means substantial decrease and savings in time and testing workforce, while at the same time substantially increasing the reliability of the test results. This is due to the fact that slide performance will be recorded from the whole of the functioning of the track (mean), while maintaining track segmentation to get detailed info of the functioning of different skis on different parts (segments) of the track – to suit the techniques, styles, and strategies of different skiers. There is no limit to the number of ski pairs to be included in the test run.


1.  At its fastest, requires only one test person and 2 minutes per one pair of skis. Also, records the slide performance of the entire track using intelligent track segmentation.
2.  Easy to read value for the slide performance from 0-10, with one decimal accuracy.
3.  Records the slide performance of up to 10+ pairs of skis for comparison, in one test setting



SKIIOT brings the coaching of cross-country skiing to the 21st century. A small device, weighing only 70 grams is attached to the heel of every skier in the team. Seven sensors +heart rate meter (additional heart rate belt required) work together to bring a holistic and detailed analysis of the performance of an entire team of skiers, presented as a summary of the whole team +individual performance analyses. The sensor data gathered can be divided into 1. Track and weather conditions 2. Physiological variables of the skier. SKIIOT also offers combinatory and cross-evaluative analysis between the two categories. For instance, coach can interpret the kick frequence (cadence), deterioration and change of skiing technique and heart rate change between multiple skiers when going through an ascension on track (relative altitude monitoring).

The possibilities SKIIOT offers a x-country skiing coach are endless – it’s time to join the x-country skiing revolution!