You can order the Slide Performance kit for your upcoming event and charge the competitors for the service you will be providing. 

Whether you’re a small ski club arranging your yearly competition, or the manager of an official FIS or IBU competition, we promise that our systems will raise your event to meet the expectations of 21st century sports enthusiasts! Every system is tailored to the size and significance of the event, according to the amount of service our customers desire. At the very core is the leasing of SKIIOT devices to match the amount of event’s competitors. The lease may also include wide screen outdoor monitors for presenting the spectators with real time SKIIOT analysis and statistics +competition outcome forecasting! Skiiot information can also be integrated in live broadcasts, with selected parameters showing on television screen.

If the venue has no pre-existing wifi, a wifi network, required for the real time analysis, will be established throughout the track. With the possibility of television /net stream broadcasting of real time track and skier conditions and performance analysis, SKIIOT truly brings your venue and sport competition to the 21st century!

Here are SKIIOT data samples (powered by Coach4Pro in co-operation with FSS) from FIS Nordic World Ski Championships – Lahti, Finland (22.2.-5.3.2017). 

If you want to know surrounding conditions in realtime or would like to see these graphs from other venues as well, please contact SKIIOT team.